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Vacuum Distillation Autosampler

A Purge & Trap autosampler together with a standard Purge & Trap unit occupies two and a half times more bench space than a twelve position Vacuum Distillation auto sampler.

If you are in the market to purchase a Purge & Trap autosampler, it will be well worth your while to look into the benefits of using VDC1012, a Vacuum Distillation autosampler using EPA Method 8261A, instead. This autosampler is far superior to a Purge & Trap autosampler and can run many other EPA approved methods, including EPA Method 8260.

Two very important advantages of using a Vacuum Distillation autosampler are:

  • The vacuum distillation technique corrects for matrix effects and provides very high quality data. In fact, the technique is so reliable, that the U.S. EPA SUPERFUND & RCRA programs will readily accept the VOC data obtained using a VDC1012 Vacuum distillation autosampler. Unless you are testing clean drinking water sample matrices, most environmental samples have matrix effects. A Purge & Trap autosampler can not correct for matrix effects and, in many cases the data could be of dubious quality.
  • The Vacuum Distillation autosampler can run both Method 8260C and Method 8261A on the same instrument. EPA Method 8260C allows the use of six different sample prep methods and method 5032 based on vacuum distillation is one of those approved methods. So, if your lab is in the process of purchasing Purge & Trap or static headspace instruments, it would be wise to first evaluate the Vacuum Distillation autosampler.

Some of the other advantages of using a Vacuum distillation autosampler, instead of a Purge & Trap autosampler are:

  • Lower operational costs on routine analyses: Purge & Trap autosampler & Method 8260 will require between 57% and 27% more GC/MS and lab time. Please see the advantages of Vacuum Distillation on our website, for details.
  • Lower training requirements of lab personnel: Purge & Trap autosampler and Method 8260 requires the use of as many as nine (9) different methods, requiring a lot more chemist training & knowledge. Compare that with just one method. Method 8261A, if Vacuum Distillation is used for all VOC analyses.
  • Please visit our main page and look at all the advantages of using a Vacuum Distillation autosampler using EPA Method 8261A.

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