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Company Profile

Cincinnati Analytical Instruments was founded by Dr. Prabhakar Rao to commercialize the patented Vacuum Distillation system. This technique is under license from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Dr. Rao is a practicing engineer with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has over 30 years of experience in the area of scientific instrument development for the analytical laboratory, oil field as well as for online applications. During his career, Dr. Rao has developed and commercialized laboratory & field instruments for large corporations such as Halliburton Services, EG&G; Inc, Emerson Electric (Tekmar) and Thermo Electron Corporation. All the products developed by Dr. Rao during his career, have been commercialized and are currently being used all over the world.

The new Vacuum Distillation auto sampler, VDC1012 is designed to perform EPA Method 8261A or 5032. This is a PBMS method developed by the US EPA to analyze volatile organic compounds using vacuum distillation in combination with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (VD/GC/MS).

The current product, VDC1012 is the culmination of more than 10 years of cooperative development by Dr. Rao and Mike Hiatt, Research Chemist of the US EPA in Las Vegas. For over two years, VDC1012 has undergone a very thorough analytical and reliability testing by the US EPA.

In 2002, the US EPA started conducting an inter-laboratory evaluation of our product, VDC1012. Four EPA labs around the United States were involved in evaluating the vacuum distiller. QATS group of the EPA presented the results of their evaluation at the 2004 NEMC conference. Based on the successful analytical performance of our commercial unit, the SUPERFUND has decided to make the new Method 8261A a contract laboratory program method (CLP).

Currently, VDC1012 is the only product in the market place that is approved by the US EPA to carry out Method 8261A for VOC and SVOC analyses. By virtue of its capabilities, VDC1012 has a wide range of applications in different markets currently served by Purge & Trap and static headspace. VDC1012 is capable of performing all the functions of existing Purge & Trap and static head space systems combined, using just one method and one instrument calibration.

Since the first introduction of Purge & Trap in the early seventies, the chemistry behind Method 8261A is the first real breakthrough in volatile organic analysis in over three decades.

The first product, VDC1012 is currently protected by three patents - 7,157,284, 6,411,707 and 4,600,559. CAI has its manufacturing facilities in Harrison, Ohio and corporate office in Indianapolis, IN.

Cincinnati Analytical Instruments